Our clinic at InnerVision Psychiatry was renovated in 2023 from the ground up with two main goals: serenity and safety. We have developed two treatment options for your IV ketamine journey.


Our infusion room seats 6 clients, though not all chairs may be full during your infusion. During your infusion, you are monitored closely by one of our experienced registered nurses (RN) to ensure you feel safe and taken care of the entire time.

Once your IV has started, your nurse will close the partitions to ensure your privacy during the treatment. The cost of these IV ketamine infusions in our infusion room is $375 per treatment.


  • Medical & psychiatric care by a board-certified psychiatrist (MD)
  • Patient-centered ketamine dosing
  • Vital sign monitoring and IV insertion by a board-certified registered nurse (RN)
  • Access to our vast referral network of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy-trained therapists to help integrate your experience and lay the groundwork for long-lasting change. We have therapists in Wesley Chapel, South Tampa, Lakeland, Carrollwood, Brandon, Lutz, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater
  • Before each IV ketamine treatment, you will meet with our psychiatrists for intention setting and preparation
  • Noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones with a carefully curated playlist
  • Custom eyeshades that you will take with you to/from treatment each time
  • Prescriptions of supplemental medications (if needed) during treatments, e.g. anti-nausea, blood pressure lowering, anti-anxiety, etc.
  • After each treatment, you will again meet with our psychiatrists to discuss your treatment, start the integration process, and ensure that you are in a tranquil state of mind to leave the clinic